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Edited by on July 8 2009 at 1:17 PM

FYI DIY: Too Poor For Couture

It’s that time again where big name designers tantalize us with flawless couture, forcing us to the shallows of wishing we were trust fund babies and had the means to rock haute Dior. Despite the fact that the recession has dictated the death of luxury, some of us still dream of flaunting a Birkin Bag and owning real Yves Saint Laurent cage heels. 

I applaud this ballsy individual who decided to carry a “couture” Chanel purse, constructed from a paper bag, a permanent marker and a chain. Although I really dig the sloppily drawn logo, you could get really creative and actually design your own luxury paper bag purse. And if you’re really into it, laminate it for multiple uses! 

I’m not the best sketcher. I can barely paint. My sewing skills aren’t the best. But this DYI, this I can do. This I will do. 


Thanks Fashion Copious!

Story by Kirby Marzec

Dior, Not War.