If the people over at Gap think the brand’s new logo will be as recognizable and iconic as the original, blue box they carried for so many years, they are greatly mistaken.

Gaps New Logo Makes Me SadWhy didn’t Gap announce this as a big revision? Are they secretly ashamed they changed the logo from a cultural icon to a piece of crap I could have done in my sleep? Brand Channel has some insight on to why this mutation may have occurred:

“But ditching the classic logo, recognized by everyone, in favor of whatever that new monstrosity is, demonstrates a prototypical brand panic move. With things not going in its favor, the brand decides to change the one valuable element it has going for it. Ironically maybe, the new logo is perfect for the brand. It communicates exactly the values currently embodied by Gap: A sense of being lost and a lack of clear vision and creativity.”

Well said! And as much as I love Helvetica, Gap didn’t need to use it like everyone else. They’re not fooling anyone by using a “hipper” font and design for their logo. Maybe the design team should be working a little harder on the merchandise if they want to acquire a new, younger customer.

LINK LOVE: Brand Channel