Gemmas Black Balloon Makes Her Fly

What a relief! Gemma Ward’s modeling hiatus wasn’t for the typical drug or eating disorder rehabilitation! Oh no, Ward has spend the past several months filming the dramatic Australian film Black Balloon with co-stars Toni Collette, Rhys Wakefield, Luke Ford and Erik Thomson. The film tells the story of a boy named Thomas (Wakefield) who moves to a new home and is forced to take care of his autistic brother Charlie (Ford) while his mother (Collette) rests due to her pregnancy. Thomas faces adversity caring for his brother, which allows him to embark on an emotional journey. Along with the support of his girlfriend Jackie (Ward), Thomas is able to better understand and appreciate his brother.

It might sound a bit like a combination of Radio, The Waterboy and Simon Birch, but I was definitely the lame-o choking up while watching the trailer. My excuse is that i’m simply so glad to see Gemma Ward back in action! Black Balloon opens in select US theaters Friday!

Thanks Fashionista!