Ghost of Fashion Past: The Pacifier

Kirby November 25 at 3:42 | Comments | TWEET THIS

Ghost of Fashion Past: The Pacifier  fashionGhost of Fashion Past: The Pacifier  fashionPlease allow me to clarify a common misconception in the “rave” realm. Those of you who have ever been to a rave have probably seen people covered, head to toe, in necklaces, bracelets, headbands and rings made of colorful, oftentimes sparkly or glow-in-the-dark beads. Sometimes you might even catch a random rave go-er sporting an awkward looking stuffed animal strapped to their head or around their neck. But baby pacifiers are NOT part of the absurd rave look. Actually, they are used to prevent teeth grinding in ecstasy and LSD users. If you ever attend a rave and some bead doused girl chewing on a pacifier comes up to you, her libido is probably raging, full force, due to such drug use or she is hallucinating that your hair is on fire and wants to warn you. Basically, stay away from people with pacifiers. They are not a fashion accessory, but more like a tool to prevent high dental repair bills.

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  • sarah
    omg i have like four hundred beads i luvie da bracelets
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