Giles Pays Homage to Ronald McDonald Land

Giles Pays Homage to Ronald McDonald Land fashion

released this thing into the fashion world this past weekend. It appears to be a black . For those unfamiliar with the McDonald’s mythology, was a purple four armed creature known for stealing Happy Meals from starving children and then proceeding to play with their cheap third-world made toys until the parts broke off. He and the Hamburgler then used to make sweet dirty love while juiced up on chunks of 6-month old dead cow and artificially flavored french fries. Later ’s two extra hands (the evil ones) were removed and he began to enjoy a relationship with ringleader Ronald. Of course, one of his hands were the source of his intellegence and we quickly became a rather idiotic character who would often be the starting point of drama in Land. Anyway, yeah, this thing looks like a black , which means it looks really, really stupid. It also kind of looks like a penis if you squint a little bit. Either way, it’s pretty dumb.

Giles Pays Homage to Ronald McDonald Land fashion

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