Give Me a Break, I’m New to This Shit!


So recently, I have been talking a lot with Rebecca and Daniel from this retardedly awesome blog. I was introduced to them through an intern that works at our label, Reversed Image Unlimited. This company just so happens to be the same record company that my band, THIS IS A SHAKEDOWN! is signed to.

How this all happened is super rad. It started out with Rebecca seeing our video for a song on our album called “Circles”. The video was shot for free using 21 borrowed Mac laptops using the “photobooth” application. This idea came to me one late night as we were recording, probably wasted on who knows what: actually, most likely whiskey and really good bud. I like to smoke weed, it definitely helps with the creative process. So anyway, our producer liked the idea so we did it.

One thing led to another and we came up with the idea to do a show with coinciding with fashion week, which is now set to be on Sept 18th at Le Royal. We are super excited to do this event. Actually, we have been talking so much that we are trying to work together as much as possible. They also booked Justin (our keyboardist) and I for a DJ gig at the Inc lounge for the “For the Love of Kate” event. We will be rocking all the sickest electro shit out there. This is just the start of an amazing relationship between THIS IS A SHAKEDOWN! and FashionIndie. Get used to seeing our name cause we’re about to be everywhere. No joke.

Now, apparently, I will be writing blog posts as well. I have been checking out different blogs as of late. I have a few favorites. I want to start with saying this about what I will be writing. Most likely it wont be fashion. I consider myself to be into and “up to date” with it, but not enough to write about it. I may write about music, but not as much as you think. I am the biggest fan, but I’m just not pretentious enough to think that anyone cares about what the fuck I have to say about it. This isn’t fucking “Pitchfork” or “Gorilla vs. Bear”.  So, I’m just going to write about whatever the fuck I want. I can’t even tell you what it’s going to be. I lead a pretty interesting life and there is a lot of great things that are happening to me right now, so maybe it will just be interesting to follow that.

So, make sure you keep coming back. I have a feeling things are going to be getting very interesting, very soon. I look forward to being able to share whatever the hell I want to with everyone. This is going to be a great way to get shit off my chest. Fuck yeah.



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