Glee will have a pricey mash-up performance of “Thriller” during their post-Super Bowl episode. The other song has not yet been chosen, but  I’d like to put in an early vote for “Whip My Hair,” if only to see Kurt in a sequined Balmain zipper jacket and a Willow Smith-inspired heart braid.

Glee Digging Up Michael Jackson

Though this sadly won’t be a tribute episode to the Gloved One and we’ll have to sit through covers of the Black Eyed Peas, Katy Perry and Lady Antebellum. I nearly fell asleep at the keyboard after writing that.

This episode will be Glee’s most expensive ever and probably one of the most expensive in television history. The storyline will focus on the local football championship and the Cheerios cheerleading regionals. I hope this means Sue Sylvester‘s doing Vincent Price’s rap then:

The foulest stench is in the air/ The funk of forty thousand years/ Or could I be mistaken/ Will Schuester’s hair?

And if that isn’t enough news to bejewel your cape,  there’s a tribute episode to Dame  Elton John in the works. Give me a little “Benny and the Jets” mixed with a little “Circle of Life” and I’ll be happy.

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