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Edited by on April 10 2012 at 10:20 AM

All over the world, people are marching… barefoot. With a TOMS One Day Without Shoes walk earlier this morning in NY’s Tompkins Square Park, over 500 supporters rallying in the Philippines, and more joining up all day across the world, this earth is taking a note: There are far too many people barefoot right now. And that is absolutely right.

Millions of children suffer from life without shoes, and most of those kids have to walk long distances to school in, say, chemically mutated soil. This leads to all sorts of foot diseases that are actually completely preventable just with the use of shoes. Thus, TOMS shoes gives a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair they sell. One for one. You’re going barefoot today so that people ask you why, and you can tell them all of this. (Cheat sheet ahead!)

Go Barefoot Today for TOMS One Day Without Shoes

Here’s a quick printable pocket info card for all of your One Day Without Shoes foot notes. Know why you’re going barefoot, and let ‘em know. When people buy TOMS, they’re making a change in a child’s life. And when you go barefoot*, you’re getting the conversation started.

Go Barefoot Today for TOMS One Day Without Shoes

*(speaking of footnotes) Watch out for broken glass! If it’s too dangerous outside for shoelessness, no need to put you and the kids at any serious risk. Take off yoru shoes in the office, at the supermarket, on line to get lunch… Safe travels, my friend.

Story by Jessica Lapidos

I impart my daily love of light layering, thick-as-thieves platforms and undiscovered fashionable gems. I love to turn a phrase, and in truth I'm a designer at werq.