Go to Hella Shuella! Just when I thought rain-boots was the lowest anyone could stoop, I found these: The Shuella. They are exactly what they sound like, umbrellas for your shoes. But really, if I ever saw anyone wearing these, I’d expect them to be on a leash and wearing a helmet. If you’re going to rock out heels, rock them out all the way…God forbid your shoes get wet. What’s the point of wearing a cute pair of pumps if you have to peel off dirty, wet rubber shoe condoms at your final destination? It would have to take a tsunami for me to even consider wearing these rubber things.

Go to Hella Shuella! My sincerest apologies to Alexandre Herchcovitch. Shuellas give rubber-esque heeled boots a bad name. 




Thanks for the photo Shopmycloset!

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