Godfathers Of The Hipster Nation: Soft Cell

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Godfathers Of The Hipster Nation: Soft Cell

I know there are probably thousands of you out there saying “Who the f*ck is Soft Cell?” Well allow me to preface this post by saying that prior to sitting down to type this I watched the entire VH1 special Top 100 Songs Of The 80′s.

So while we are all still on the emotional high that is VH1 specials, I would like to bring to light another duo that aided in the rise of the hipster nation, Soft Cell. Who is Soft Cell you ask? Have you heard of a little song called “Tainted Love”? Yeah that’s all them, and might I say that Marc Almond, the keyboard laden duo’s lead singer, had the art of being a hipster down to an art. Almond was a skinny, black tank-top rocking guy who danced like a Williamsburg club scene maven. Don’t believe, just push play…

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Article by Corey Moran

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