Halle Berry Returns to her 20’s; Release a Scent.

Halle by Halle Berry perfume ad

Is Halle Berry still considered a celebrity? Everyone of her movies since she fucked Billy Bob have been complete flops (unless of course she’s Storm, in which the overall movie about heroes with killer powers is probably the main draw) and she hasn’t hit my radar, which makes me believe she’s completely off the radar for everyone else. 

Congrats on being way, way late on the whole endorsement thing. Too bad these type of things aren’t as big as they used to be. Then again, this is Obama America, so maybe you’ll sell out to a target audience. Either way your looking like a pretty, pretty photoshop princess ready for the ball. Just be sure to get the princes number before the clock strikes midnight because we all know your face will change from Rihanna to that 40ish year old you really are. 

LINKAGE: Halle By Halle Berry, The Perfume

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