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Head Over Heels for #NYFW: 10 Ways to Run Around In Style

Oh the rushing, pulsing joy. New York Fashion Week is finally here, and with it, the most beautiful frenzied madness imaginable.  Whether you’re planning on politely making an appearance every runway, or drunkenly crashing every after party, falling over running around in 6-inch stilettos may not look or feel like the cutest look for you.  If you want to get to shows on time looking and feeling fabulous, see our top 10 blessings in disguise after the jump.

If you plan on really attacking the festivities of this week, the key to actually enjoying them will be arriving with comfortable time, and feet. No matter how effortlessly you walk in heels, heed this FashionIndie advice: if you’re literally running from place to place, over gutters into taxis, against the flow of traffic, up to celebrities and away from security guards–less is more.

Alexander Wang
Edgy but elegant, these low-heeled wonders are comfortable as they are stylish–apart from that, they won’t let you down. $485 ShopBop

Written by Céleste Hermione

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