ScarJo Acts A Musical Like in Nylon

ScarJo Acts A Musical Like in Nylon fashion

For their annual music issue Nylon is putting actress, now ‘musician’, Scarlett Johanson on the cover. WHHAAATT you say-ScarJo is now a musician?! Well kind of. If you consider emo-watered down versions of amazing Tom Waits songs, music….then yes she is a musician. ScarJo is doing her best indie-glam look, Debbie Harry pout and all, for the June/July cover. Although she looks more like she is playing Karen O in a Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs biopic.

She has everything a wanna-be hipster musician needs:

-A guitar- that she most likely does not know how to play

-American Apparel skin tight latex leggings-in black

-Androgynous element of clothing-a vest

-Sparkley against color palette pumps-in Barbie pink

-Ironic billowy shirt-in yellow

However this issue is no harm, no foul because the whole thing will be up on their Myspace page.

Nylon’s Myspace

And for your viewing pleasure a video of ScarJo butchering Tom Wait’s song ‘Falling Down’

Scarlett Johansson singing Falling Down



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