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Heidi Klum’s Halloween Party is Now a Nightmare Before Christmas

One of the effects post Hurricane Sandy was that supermodel Heidi Klum had to reschedule her annual Halloween party. Thankfully nothing can spoil Heidi’s love for Halloween and the party is set to get a Christmas makeover on December 1st

Heidi Klums Halloween Party is Now a Nightmare Before Christmas

Every year during Halloween-time, we anticipate supermodel Heidi Klum’s over-the-top Halloween bash and accompanying costume. Although because this year’s holiday was more real-life scary instead of ghost and goblins scary, the after effects of Hurricane Sandy forced many to forgo the holiday. Unfortunately for Heidi, her Halloween bash was not excluded.

Luckily for us, Heidi’s Halloween party has been rescheduled. Now set for December 1st, the party is getting a Christmas theme and will held at the Bowery hotspot Finale.

With her party themed around a completely different holiday, it looks like Heidi Klum is going to have to scrap her Cleopatra costume entirely. And considering the amount of time and planning it takes to make one of Heidi’s costumes, her people are going to have to really kick it into high gear so she can be prepared for her haunted Christmas. Check out how much planning it takes to complete one of Heidi’s Halloween costumes here and hope that her team can make it in time.

Written by Emily Draznik

Chicago transplant and aspiring gay icon. I hold the belief that puns are the highest form of humor and love writing about fashion and everything in between.