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Edited by on August 28 2008 at 10:54 AM


Hillary and the Amazingly Ugly Technicolor Pant Suits

No, no we don't.

Hillary and the Amazingly Ugly Technicolor Pant Suits

Why is she hailing Hitler?

Actually, each pant suit has been mistakingly monochromatic. Hillary Clinton’s collosal of colorful suits are attention craving, unpleasant, loud and obnoxious. Mmm… maybe they are a better match for Clinton after all. I hate to admit it, but these popsickle solid colored suits have become her signature.

Last night was no exception as Clinton pranced onto the DNC stage in an burnt orange pant suit. Eek. I love Diane Keaton’s Annie Hall masculine look but Clinton has to turned androynous chic into andreadful chic.  How did she plan to be president, if she can’t even dress herself? Little steps, Hil. Clinton looks as though she should be running a county fair, not the country.

Thanks to ABC News for the Pics!
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