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by on May 27, 2010

HOMBRE: The Men Of Sex And The City 2I just finished watching Sex and the City 2 and I loved it for what it was. If you really need a reason to go just do it for the men. Keep reading to get some more info on the hot guys in the flick (Don’t worry no spoilers here)…

Australian World Cup Rugby Team

The first dish on this buff buffet.  They only have a brief cameo in the movie, but boy is it one to watch. They are staying at the same hotel as the girls and decide to take a dip after a rough practice.  It was a 30 second montage to speedos, crotches, and homoerotism.

HOMBRE: The Men Of Sex And The City 2Nicky (Noah Mills)

He plays Mario Cantone’s younger and straight brother. This Italian stallion has eyes for Samantha who of course couldn’t pass up the offer. He plays no major role in the movie, but leaves the audience with a great back shot of him naked.

HOMBRE: The Men Of Sex And The City 2Rikard Spirt (Max Ryan)

Do you really think Samantha Jones would only have one boy toy during the entire movie? Meet Rikard, a Danish architect whose worldliness only matches his sex appeal. He snaps Samantha right out of her dry spell in the Middle East. You get a great shot of his business through linen pants and end to the movie with a bang. (Pun intended)

HOMBRE: The Men Of Sex And The City 2Mr. Big (Chris Noth)

Don’t let this bad screen shot fool you. Mr. Big still has  it after all these years. He’s shirtless a few times during the movie and you could tell he put down the doughnuts from Law and Order, and picked up the weight for SATC 2. No matter how he looks with his shirt off everyone wants their own Mr. Big who will shower them with charm and presents.

HOMBRE: The Men Of Sex And The City 2Aiden (John Corbett)

The one who got away comes back in this sequel. How and why I can’t tell. (I kept my promise of no spoilers) He doesn’t disrobe, but he’s still dreamy to look at. If your disappointed you can always watch U.S of Tara on Showtime and watch him have sexy time with Toni Collette.


Contributed by McArthur Joseph

McArthur (aka Mac) is your average urban dandy with a love of bow ties & long nights. Check out his menswear blog & follow him on twitter: @mcarthurjoseph