HOMBRE: Top 5 Places To Shop This Summer

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Here are my top 5 places for guys to shop this summer.

HOMBRE: Top 5 Places To Shop This Summer

HOMBRE: Top 5 Places To Shop This Summer

1. Quiksilver

This California based brand has been making many style advances throughout the years. At first stores were usually only shopped by surfers and the like who only bought plain tees, board shorts and surf gear. Nowadays you can walk into a store and find tailored jeans, cool sweaters, and artist created graphic tees. They haven’t loss their connection with the origins and still have great board shorts and walk shorts perfect for the beach, pool, or just lounging around.

HOMBRE: Top 5 Places To Shop This Summer

2. All Saints

As far as I have read there are opposing views on All Saints. The Fashion Indie crew recently payed a visit to the new Soho location and we marveled at all the stuff. I will say this probably is the priciest one on the list but the stuff looks and feels great. The reason I would say to splurge here because the stuff will last. As I believe Saynt put it, “It is the John Varvatos feel with out the John Varvatos price tag.”

HOMBRE: Top 5 Places To Shop This Summer

3. Topman

I have on many occasions extolled my love for this British brand. It is only update, current, and the store usually has everything they have online and more. I am more excited for the new AAA collection to come out. Make this your summer hotspot if you like to go out and look amazing

HOMBRE: Top 5 Places To Shop This Summer

4. Old Navy

Now some people might me scratching their heads when it comes to this part of the list. If you have ever been into a store you know that they do not sell haute couture gowns and suits, but they do one thing amazing well, basics. Old Navy has basics that are extremely inexpensive, and if styled correctly can look effortless and refined.

HOMBRE: Top 5 Places To Shop This Summer

5. Vintage

Vintage is ALWAYS in style no matter what anyone says. It would be a smart idea to find out local vintage and consignment stores that have a good assortment of menswear. I know some of the ones in New York that I have frequented include Inven.Tory (which also sells current clothes at a deal), Tokio 7, and local flea markets.

Article by McArthur Joseph, Editor

McArthur (aka Mac) is in love with bow ties, cardigans, and New York City. When he is not busy taking over the fashion world, he is usually partying like it is 1999 and tweeting. Follow Him:@mcarthurjoseph McArthur Joseph, Editor tagged this post with: , , , , , , , , , Read 320 articles by McArthur Joseph, Editor
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