How To Look: Ghetto

How To Look: Ghetto fashion

In a recent trip from New York City to Boston, I stopped at a McDonalds and have recently become a born again McDonalds fan. However despite the fact that I love the greasy death trap that is McDonalds, I would never be caught dead branding my ass with two golden arches. The only one who should own and wear these pants woud be ghetto fab Ronald McDonald. What is fashionable about a store that boasts about their dollar menu? Please pardon my ignorance while I objectify the entire ghetto rap community. Every rapper raps about money, hoes, cars and drugs. They are all ballers and they love expensive booze and food. So what is ghetto and cool about McDonalds pants? You are more or less wearing a banner that says I am broke and l love showering my face in McDonalds fryer grease, but if you get in my half broken down 1985 Honda I can spit a dope freestyle or two. If your going to make fast food fashionable go all out and start dressing like Colonel Sanders.

How To Look: Ghetto fashion


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