How to Look Middle America: Carry Vera Bradley

How to Look Middle America: Carry Vera Bradley fashion

There are two things I don’t want to see on my walk to work after a night of partying: a.) tequila and b.) Vera Bradley bags. But I think B has the power to make me sicker than A. I’m not sure where the craze of carrying quilts as handbags originated, but I know the MidWest is the sole place I’ve seen it this year. I notice them sitting on the bar, propped on the seat next to me in class and in the mall used as diaper bags. I would feel better carrying bottles and baby wipes in a colostomy bag to avoid toting that quilted monstrosity. To make matters worse, the cost of these “purses” range from $50 for a tote to $130 for a garment bag. I could make something more attractive for a lot less by picking textile scraps off the floor at JoAnn Fabrics. Talk about a crazy bag lady.

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