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Edited by on November 3 2011 at 10:43 AM

Traveling is exciting, but the actual plane ride can kill the thrill for a few hours. An international flight can be pure torture if you’re not prepared with the proper supplies and a comfortable outfit. In celebration of FashionIndie’s travel month, here’s how to stay comfy on an international flight – even if you’re flying coach.

How To Stay Comfy on a Long Plane Ride


In order to create your temporary home for the next several hours, you will need the following essentials: sleep mask,  noise-cancelling headphones, blanket/pillow set, snacks, an iPad loaded with movies and music and books and magazines in case your iPad battery dies.

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Story by Danika Daly

Danika Daly is president of her eponymous PR firm, Danika Daly PR specializing in fashion, beauty and lifestyle markets. Her focus is on emerging designers and brands breaking onto the fashion scene. She views PR as various arts combined, and started Danika Daly PR to infuse brands with creative elements to make them stand out. Danika is a guest columnist for Fashion Indie. Tweet her @DanikaDaly.