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Hugo Boss Is Starting A Music Revolution

Yesterday  Dubset v2.1 went live exclusively with a Hugo Boss this week radio page further strengthening the bond between fashion and music. (Two of our favorite things.)

Hugo Boss Is Starting A Music Revolution

The page it will feature mixes from the event as well as a live link and content from Hugo Boss Rooftop Circus event that took place earlier this summer (featured above) along with upcoming fashion events this NYFW.

“HUGO BOSS is known for bringing fashion and music together. Partnering with Dubset allowed HUGO BOSS to enhance our social media presence and extend the life of the event by capturing the audio and video allowing a broader audience to experience,” says Mark Brashear, Chairman and CEO for the Americas.

Fashion & music pretty much hand in hand now and it’s great to see what kind of music you’re favorite brand recommend/is jamming to. We think we’re going to set up our account pretty soon. Before we do that we suggest you check out Hugo Boss’ channel at

Written by McArthur Joseph

McArthur (aka Mac) is your average urban dandy with a love of bow ties & long nights. Check out his menswear blog & follow him on twitter: @mcarthurjoseph