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Edited by on December 5 2008 at 1:29 PM

So while I spent some quality time on my couch watching daytime TV during Thanksgiving weekend, I randomly found myself watching Full House. Now Full House is just a show stuffed to the gills with trainwrecks, but I couldn’t help but notice how extremely skinny Kimmy Gibbler was. Do I smell a book deal concerning Kimmy’s struggles with weight? We already got Marsha Brady’s tale of how she used to suck Greg Brady’s dick for coke this year, why not another family classic? In attempt to validate my assumption that Kimmy Gibber used to spend her time off camera hugging porcelain, I figured You Tube would be a proper source of information, and this video happened. Now you may have to watch this twice because the first time is just so ridiculous you can’t focus hard enough to count all Kimmy’s ribs. Oh Kimmy Gibbler you were so fashionable! You’re like the poster child for Street Zeroes. For more awesome news on Kimmy Gibbler check out this hilarious story Dlisted posted today!

Story by Corey Moran

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