I Was Hoping for a Different Kind of Pickle

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My raison d’être, Snooki of Jersey Shore and nothing otherwise “fame,” will be a pickle for Halloween.

I Was Hoping for a Different Kind of Pickle

For a second, I was thinking how adorable that little munchkin would be in a giant, styrofoam pickle — falling over and rolling through traffic, screaming the entire way, probably throwing up then doing shots with JWOWW — but, alas, my dreams were shattered. A pickle-sequined green dress with matching shoes? That’s a pot of gold short of being leprechaun.

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Article by Lester Brathwaite

After a series of stints in rehab following a co-starring role with an alien that shall remain nameless, Lester finally found his true calling after witnessing the music video for RuPaul's "Supermodel (You Better Work)." Ever since, he has devoted his life to fashion, beauty, sashaying and the occasional shauntay. When not writing or thumbing through an Italian Vogue, Lester can often be found crying into a cup of black coffee at a neighborhood diner. "Can the salesgirls at Barney's be right? Am I a bad person?" Lester Brathwaite tagged this post with: , , Read 108 articles by Lester Brathwaite
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