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I Won’t Tell Your Victoria’s Secret!

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Last night like so many women and men…yes men, I was anxiously anticipating the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Of course, this being the one time that boyfriends and husbands will sit patiently watching television with their girlfriends and wives. I was so excited because this year Vicky’s Secret title was “Return to Glamour” and Victoria Secret model Adriana Lima hit the runway sporting a $5 million, 1500-carat bra. There was lots of bling actually throughout the entire show, that’s my favorite part.

Makeup Artist Charlotte Tilbury was the lead artist backstage, so she most likely sat in on some of the meetings with Victoria Secret designers to come up with the glamorous look the ladies were wearing. It was very dreamy, lots of champagne and gold shimmery eye shadow colors and eye lashes. The lip colors that Tilbury selected for the ladies were pale pink, soft peach and nude lipstick with lots of pale pink lip gloss. On the face, the foundation was very sheer but heavy bronzer giving the ladies serious cheekbones. For that dewy look you saw on the faces she used lots of shimmer to achieve that glow. As much as I loved this look for the fashion show, this does not mean that this weekend ladies, you get a free pass to rock it when going out. What you have to remember is at awards shows, fashion shows, and concerts the makeup has to be very heavy. Makeup and hair always has to be a little exaggerated to show up on stage. So when you’re in the bathroom getting ready to go out, remember this, the look that Tilbury gave the Victoria Secret models can be toned down and would be great for going to dinner, going dancing and even for a bride who is having a candlelight wedding.

Here’s your Victoria’s Secret for a sexy night out. Do your hair first. I suggest grabbing large sections and curling it with a medium to large size curling iron. Pin each section by using clips, spray your hair with aerosol spray very light with my favorite L’Oreal Elnett Extra Strong Hold UV Hair Spray. For your makeup, start off light using the same shades and adding more makeup until you deposit the amount of eye shadow, pigments, bronzer, lipstick and lip gloss you want. Pour yourself a glass of wine while getting dressed; spray your hair with the perfume you plan to wear and then start taking your hair down. Use your fingers to shake your hair out, give yourself one good flip, and spray to get that soft tossed sexy look. Finish your last sip of wine, check the lips one more time, and then you’re ready.

Let me know ladies, how it goes.

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