I’m Over It: Chest Tats (I Said Tat Instead of Tattoo Cause I’m Cool Like That)

Im Over It: Chest Tats (I Said Tat Instead of Tattoo Cause Im Cool Like That) emerging fashion

Chest tattoos on housewives.

Cool or Not So Much?

Granted, if you are a man it would make sense since most of the time you’re covered up, but as a woman wouldn’t it just distract from your decent set of baby feeders, possibly preventing you from ever looking presentable enough to do anything worthwhile with your life?

It’s especially annoying when nothing else about your style defines you as rebelious as the crazy ink blasted across your clavicle.  I mean, if you had some wicked hair, some additional tattoos and piercings, and had your arm around Travis Barker, it would definitely be worth the permanent ink, but if you look like some Texan Walmart employee who’d rather spend her days at a baseball game than at the gym, this look just borders on poser.

If I was a chick and had a chest tattoo and looked like the completely random person we found above, I’d probably spend my days on, talking shit about Daniel Saynt and acting like I was important or something.

Oh yeah, and the Astro’s suck!!

Thanks Tides Turn for the awesome photo!!!

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