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Edited by on May 18 2009 at 11:00 AM

IM OVER IT: Gossip Girls And Boys Making Shitty Music

We’ll start at the root of the problem, Ed Westwick. Ed has a band called The Filthy Youth that he has put on hold to finish up with Gossip Girl. If you’re putting your so called “punk” band on hold to shoot a show called Gossip Girl, you shouldn’t be in a punk band. Not to mention the band really isn’t good. Don’t believe me? Check out their MySpace.


Next up Taylor Momsen. Trying to follow suit with Ed Westwick, she started a grunge inspired band called The Reckless that also isn’t good. Her bandmates suck, she’s awkward on stage, and there is a reason she got cut from being Hannah Montana back in the day, because she can’t really sing. I’ve listened to her songs over and over, and she sings in a monotoned voice. The point of grunge music is to scream and squeel, and while she tries she doesn’t succeed. If she really wants to start a band maybe something the in light of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs would be a bit more appropriate. Taylor has the look, she just needs the material to back it up.

IM OVER IT: Gossip Girls And Boys Making Shitty Music

And finally there’s Leighton Meester. Much to my suprise, B can sing (but then again so can anyone with auto tune)! Never the less, Leighton has by far the superior voice to the prior two, but again I don’t know where her intentions are with music. She chose to do her major debut doing guest vocals for the hipster dance wannabe’s Cobra Starship, but I’m interested in seeing where her career takes her. She belongs in pop music for sure.

For all these aspiring rock stars, maybe their music should remain a hobby. They will forever be cast in the shadow of their Gossip Girl Upper East Sider shadows. Not to mention, I thought that Jennifer Love Hewitt proved to world that sitcom stars can’t become triple threats (not since Jared Leto I guess, but look at him now!).

Here’s a video of the Cobra Starship song that Leighton is featured on. This isn’t the actual video, but that kid really sums up my point that Leighton picked the wrong song to debut on:

Story by Corey Moran

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