I’m Over It: Paper Shredders

Im Over It: Paper Shredders fashion


There is nothing more annoying than damaged merchandise. Back in the day, as a bored, smart-ass high schooler, I walked into an Abercrombie and Fitch, snatched a pair of torn jeans from the rack and asked the salesperson if I could get a discount because they were ripped. The Oompa-tanned, 90-pound associate was not pleased. Regardless of what high, low and everything-in-between-fashion says, I don’t think it’s safe/practical to use standard office equipment like paper shredders on heavy fabrics like denim. Sure, you think it looks cool now, but wait until something important like a finger gets stuck in the machine. That pair of nicely tailored denim is looking pretty good, huh? Shredded and ripped jeans can look okay if the abrasion is due to natural wear. But buying them pre-made to look hobo-chic makes you look stupid. If you really like the aesthetic, do it yourself for free; just make sure you wear safety goggles. 
Photo: Style.com
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