Iman: A Model, Not a Plaything

Iman recently talked to NYMag about her upcoming Italian Vogue cover  “I still don’t like us (black models) to be a caricature,” she told them at the American Image Awards this week. “They’ll think, ‘Okay, we did it.’ And then they’re done with it, and we’ll have to wait till next year.” She added that in 2007 black models were “nonexistent” and she felt the fashion and beauty industries are out of touch. “When you see commercials and movies and every other form of art in terms of entertainment, you never have this conversation,” she said. “So it is so outdated.” She continued, “I can only say that one of the reasons is that models have never had unions, so there is no one to say, ‘This isn’t right.’

Yeah that’s what models need a union. First order of business uniform model size -2.