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Iman Plays Kriptonite to Heidi’s “Super” Status

04/28 at 1:29 pm by Daniel Saynt | 0 Comments

iman-cosmetics-400a121307 Iman Plays Kriptonite to Heidis Super StatusIman Heidi Klum


In the model world there are models and then there’s Iman, at least that’s the way it seems to the over-the-hill diva.  The Project Runway Canada host went on the record stating her long resume and how compared to Heidi Klum, there is no contest as to who is more qualified to carry the crown of top model of the Project Runway world.

“Definitely Heidi and I come from two different places,” Iman tells the World Entertainment News Network. “I’m not belittling Heidi Klum, but I have been in fashion much more than she has. Not to toot my own horn (really than what else would you call it), but I have been one of the best runway girls.”She adds: “I know clothes, and I know about working hand in hand with designers — I mean, I’ve worked with Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, John Galliano. Yves St. Laurent — he created a whole collection for me. Tom Ford, Valentino. Versace. Jean Paul Gaultier. Thierry Mugler … I could go on and on.”

Can anyone say “catfight”? I can’t cause I’d feel like a sexist asshole if I did, but this whole attack on Heidi’s familiarity with the fashion world just seems a bit too much like a “behind-the-scenes look” at who’s making more dough in the Project Runway family.

Iman’s resume can’t really compete to Heidi’s place in our hearts as favorite Runway host. So enjoy the cannucks Imanie, Heidi’s here to stay.

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