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Edited by on November 4 2011 at 2:12 PM

On Thursday, LOOKBOOKS editor-in-chief Cator Sparks attended Daphne Guinness‘ discussion with FIT’s museum director Valerie Steele, where he collected some of her best quotes; from her affinity to Karl Lagerfeld and her relationship with Valentino to her museum retrospective and perspective on 80s hair.

In Conversation with Daphne Guinness

Photo: Zimbio

In order for something to mean something you have to part with things you really love. It doesn’t take much effort to ditch a pair of naff old boots now does it?”  – On a pair of boots she sold to a charity, which FIT purchased.

“Valentino is a nice man and a very gentle soul. What’s wonderful about him is that when you talk to him about art his eyes light up! And I really get that.” - On her good friend, Valentino.

“I’ve been wearing motorcycle rings since I was 16 then I began wearing crisp white shirts- And all of a sudden Karl Lagerfeld and I started morphing into each other.” -On how she and Lagerfeld dress in similar fashions. But which came first?

“Before my wedding I got 2 feet cut off my hair and I was so mad because they gave me this huge horrid hair. But it was the 80s so it doesn’t really matter does it?”- On her wedding to Stavros Niarchos.

“The dandy aspect of my of my dress stems from my love of literature – Wilde, Proust and Gide. It is also since I didn’t get to go to Eaton! Also, the way a jacket is constructed is very geometric and I like to adjust things a very small amount so I work very closely with the tailor. I like the idea of being a bit androgynous.” – On the Dandy section of the exhibition at FIT.

“It was really hard to get gold chain male made! It took five years!” –On working with Shaun Leane on her chain mail glove.

“A cat suit is so great to wear for a shoot because you can get into any position and they just don’t tear!” – Need we say more?

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