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In The Wing Of An Eye fashionIn The Wing Of An Eye fashion

As a makeup artist/beauty blogger, the questions I get asked most frequently involve eye liner application. Applying eye liner correctly can be tricky. The trickiest look of all is the “”. It took me years to perfect it. Well…years and a fabulous “how-to” video I came across awhile back. Before I came across this priceless video tutorial I was able to apply a on my clients and myself but it took some time and was super frustrating. This tutorial makes it so simple anyone can do it. I was going to keep it my little secret but since one of the purposes of this blog is share my beauty knowledge I have decided to share it with all of my readers. You’re Welcome;)

You will only need two items for the perfect look:

Surgical Tape. Any brand will do and you can find it at any drugstore (Walgreens, CVS, Harmon, Rite Aid, etc).

Eyeliner. You can use whatever brand you prefer and chose the form that works best for you such as liquid, cream or pencil. My favorite is Chantecaille’s Le Stylo $26 (above)

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