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Edited by on June 29 2011 at 8:19 PM

Ever wish you could carry your favorite fashion icon with you every where you go? If the answer is yes than look no further because our latest obsession with Nous Sommes necklaces can help you out.

Indie Discovery: Nous Sommes Necklaces

Paris based designers Kidza and Jeremy are the minds behind the jewelry line, Nous Sommes. With their help you can rock a mini Lady Gaga, Grace Jones, or Micheal Jackson around your neck.

The duo are revolutionizing the chain game by using these icons instead of blinged out crosses and pictures of Jesus’s face made out of solid gold. (Obviously an amazing move)

Go to to shop the collection.

Story by McArthur Joseph

McArthur (aka Mac) is you your average urban dandy with a love of bow ties and long nights. Check out his menswear blog Follow him:@mcarthurjoseph