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Edited by on May 31 2011 at 4:19 PM

Indie Pop To Know: Simon Curtis


Robot-boy Simon Curtis is ready to release his sophomore album  R Triangle. independently, once again.

Independent pop in the internet age gives artists  a difficult but intimate way to create a following .  Curtis has had over 150,000 downloads on his debut-freebie record 8Bit-Heart (Download Here!)  thousands of plays on LAST.FM and stands as every Britney fans secret gem.  As the long-lost member of *NSYNC , he isn’t  setup for disappointment.  It’s the millennial pop wave all over again, dominated by one video-game type protagonist!

Here is the Indie Pop scoop on Simon Curtis

Rated: 17+

Viral Video: Singing “8Bit Heart” acapella, video portrait by the ever so hipster Tyler Shields.

Key Tracks: FleshSuperhero, Fell In Love w/an Android

Genre: Intergalactic-Bubble Gum Dance.

Indie Fashion: If Lego created a fashion line in  2013, he would be the face…

“Like” Simon Curtis on Facebook and Follow him on Twitter: @SimonCurtis

Buy “Flesh” and “Superhero” on Itunes now!


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Story by Alex Kazemi

I try to speak for a generation.