Inter-View of Fashion: Peter Som Talks SATC

Inter View of Fashion: Peter Som Talks SATC fashion

It’s no surprise that countless designer frocks abound in Sex and the City, and Peter Som was no exception. The designer was among many recognizable CFDA members at the big event.

What kind of an impact has SATC had on you as a designer?
Well, when I first started out, Sex and the City was the show to get your clothes on. It was a major coup that I actually did as a young designer. So it was really a place you could look at for great, crazy style.

Do you remember your first credit?
My first credit was actually from my second collection and it was on Kristin Davis. It was a black organza blouse with velvet trim. It was the simplest thing, but it was exciting!

How did you know your top made the cut?
I saw it on the show; I didn’t know ahead of time. It was pre-TiVo and all…so long ago! It was the episode where she was throwing the party where all the women had to bring their guy friends that they didn’t want, so I related to that episode on many levels!

Source: Fashion Week Daily


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