INTER-VIEWS OF FASHION: Barbara Hulanicki Talks Topshop

INTER VIEWS OF FASHION: Barbara Hulanicki Talks Topshop fashion

INTER VIEWS OF FASHION: Barbara Hulanicki Talks Topshop fashion

Why ?
: Because they asked!

As simple as that? Were you ever tempted to launch on your own?
: Yes! I hate production! I know too much about it and it’s a nightmare. It’s really much more fun this way. It’s just designing and they () do all the work.

How did the collaboration work?
: I first met Charlotte Henson from because I had an illustration exhibition and she asked whether I’d like to collaborate. I just sent her a ton of drawings that they sifted through. They worked very much to see what was missing at , where there was a gap and looked at the things that were selling. So they worked from a really practical point of view.

Did you reference Biba in any way?
: Actually I was asked not to do anything that looked like Biba. I was like “Ok!” but I think I picked quite Biba-looking things in the end. There was a lot of Biba publicity at the time you see.

What do you think of the current state of Biba (having changed designers twice)
: It’s resting at the moment isn’t it? Somebody else will think they can recarnate it I suppose. They do every two or three years. Some business man comes along and thinks “Biba – a couture house!” but they get it all wrong.

Do you think the Biba legacy lives on in our shopping culture?
: Really, we came up at the time when there was nothing as far as (high street) fashion. We were the first mass producing company that did mass at really good prices. Prices for women that had jobs, lived in bedsits and had left home. There’s a very strong legacy that lives on at actually.

When we say mass production we automatically think of Primark.
: Yes, that’s mass mass. Some of it is incredible! Great shoes!

What pieces do you think will fly off the rails?
: Everyone seems to be going for the shoulder pads. When we started, shoulder pads were a bit off-centre and they were a bit frightened and now everyone’s straight for the shoulder pads.

for on sale in stores nationwide and online on Tuesday 28th April.

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