Inter-Views of Fashion; Guido of Redken

Inter Views of Fashion; Guido of Redken fashion

Many of the most creative hairstyles that appeared on the s/s ‘08 runways, from Marc Jacobs to Prada, were due to the handiwork of renowned hairstylist (yes, it’s just one name), who has been a creative consultant for Redken since 2005. ’s wildly inventive looks have always inspired us so we decided to track down the hairdo guru—mid-jaunt between New York and LA—for a conversation about his approach to styling, the importance of “suitability” and, of course, products.

Do you think you have a distinct style when it comes to doing hair?

: I suppose that I do. I prefer a deconstructed look, something that can make you question what beautiful hair is. I work a lot with classic shapes, even something as classic as a ponytail, and then use an irregular texture—a texture that you may even consider to be bad. But then I fuse that within a particular context and it throws everything into question. I like that.

What makes a good hairstyle?

G: Suitability makes a good hairstyle. What I find is that a lot of hairdressers might do something to somebody’s hair simply to make a statement or to shock. That’s fine as long as it suits the person that is wearing it.

Inter Views of Fashion; Guido of Redken fashion

How can women translate runway styles to reality?

G: It translates in so many different ways. I think it’s up to the individual to take an idea from what they see on the runway and dilute it down or simply play around with the idea to suit them.

What are the current trends in hair?

G: For spring, hair is rougher with a matte finish. This season, we’ll see everything from full, exaggerated shapes to reinterpreted classics from the 1940s to natural, unfinished looks. You can see the evolution of a woman from playful-and-quirky modern to sophisticated feminine.

Inter Views of Fashion; Guido of Redken fashion

What are the must-have hair products?

G: For this season, I would really recommend Thickening Lotion 06 Body Builder for those pumped-up shapes we did at Marc Jacobs, for example. Spray Starch 15 Heat Memory Styler also by for that soft, matte texture we did at Prada, and Forceful 23 Super Strength Finishing Spray to hold those soft romantic shapes together—a good example of that would be the hair that we did at Roberto Cavalli.

Tell us your best hair advice for women.

G: Don’t be afraid to experiment, get a good relationship with your stylist and through time and trust have fun with your hair, make it sexy—say something!

This interview was conducted by Jessica Dang of JCReport

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