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Edited by on January 5 2011 at 1:40 PM

Generation-Y has spawned a new day in news media, according to a recent study. A whopping 65 percent of adults under 30 now use the Internet as their primary source for news. Will Anderson Cooper and Glenn Beck soon be eating out of a can?

Internet Leapfrogs TV, Main News Source for 20 Somethings

The world is changing. If you saw my post earlier this week, you know Facebook is now the #1 most-viewed Web site in the world — even surpassing Google. Gen-Y spends a ridiculous amount of time Facebook-stalking, Tweeting and poking around naughty Web sites Tumblr blogs and music sites.

It should be no surprise we young adults look to our laptops for news and current events. We waste far more time absorbing radiation from computers than flat-screens these days.

I’m just sayin’… If I run into a burning building to save a precious few items, I’m dashing for my MacBook before my TV. That’s just me.

Link Love: Mashable

Story by Josh Linam

I eat fashion for breakfast. Cashmere sweaters taste funny.