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Edited by on June 23 2010 at 11:16 AM

We have always loved Jule’s designs. She’s the kind of designer with a personality you can’t ignore , a look that’s all her own, and an eye for design that few can compete with. Here she talks about collaborations, inspirations and what’s next for her celebrity loved line.

INTERVIEW: Bijules Designer Jules Kim Shows Her Indie Love

FI: You’ve recently collaborated with Lorenzo Martone and Urban Outfitters. What’s the one brand or person you want to collaborate with now?

JK: I would love to collaborate with Boudicca. It is difficult to find a brand which speaks a similar language in the fashion world.

There is something simple, elegant, yet poignant about their vision.

INTERVIEW: Bijules Designer Jules Kim Shows Her Indie Love
FI: Your currently launching a higher end collection. What was your inspiration for the line and what made you want to launch it now?

JK: Bijules Haute: Le Nez de Tycho” is inspired by the life and stories of Danish Renaissance alchemist, Tycho Brahe. He just could not get on with this one guy and so Tycho was challenged by having a pistol-stuffed glove thrown at his feet. In the duel, his nose was shot off and in response he created his own gold prosthetic version.

I wanted to combine the ritual of dueling, the theory of alchemy (Jules Kim is THE modern day alchemist, what what), and the dainty elegance of a southern debutante. (I’m from Richmond, VA- southern belle-central) the 6 pieces are highly conceptual and loaded with history.

FI: With the swimwear collection you created with Lorenzo you’ve entered into the world of apparel. Can we expect a Jules Kim fashion label in the near future?

JK: Ha, mayyyybe…but clothes are too easy. They are everywhere, it is not a marketplace that needs another face. I would prefer to make statements in worlds that need new vision.

FI: You’re a global traveler, what are some of your favorite spots to shop around the world?

JK: I adore Paris for its super saturated history. The south of Italy is bitterly quiet (I’m scared of silence, thanks a lot New York) yet extremely inspiring. I would love to go to my motherland, well actually my fatherland because my father is Korean.

FI: Where to you draw your inspiration from?

JK: Everything. Literally I am open to absorbing new stories, new things, new challenges…

INTERVIEW: Bijules Designer Jules Kim Shows Her Indie Love

FI: You seem to be a celebrity magnet with Beyonce and Nicole Richie spotted in your designs. Who would be the dream person to wear one of your pieces, fictional, dead or alive?

JK:  I love that I am part of fueling pop culture. I would have loved to make something for my line’s muse, Tycho Brahe and of course I would adore miss Grace Jones in my new smoking lip piece…
FI: What advice would you give to young designers?

JK: Take risks and do not ever doubt your role as a creator.

FI: Do you have any hidden talents no one knows about?

JK: Um, I used to play flute. I had to stop because I was bothered by the fact that classical music rarely leaves room for improvisation or alterations on staid themes.

FI: What’s playing on your iPod right now?

JK: The Sleighbells are the shit, go Alexis! Also my new fave repeat track is Higher Places- On Giving Up.

FI: If you weren’t in fashion today, what would you be doing?

JK: Most likely I would be creating something…art or music as I am most comfortable in positions of expression!

FI: What do you do when you have free time?

JK: Whats that? I love my friends and spend as much time with them as possible, long walks on beaches, sunsets and shit-

Thanks Jules, check out her website here and Twitter account here

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