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Edited by on December 28 2009 at 4:07 PM

INTERVIEW: DJ Loli, From Ukraine To L.A.

INTERVIEW: DJ Loli, From Ukraine To L.A.

INTERVIEW: DJ Loli, From Ukraine To L.A.

INTERVIEW: DJ Loli, From Ukraine To L.A.

INTERVIEW: DJ Loli, From Ukraine To L.A.

INTERVIEW: DJ Loli, From Ukraine To L.A.

Meet DJ Loli, a fashion forward insanely bad ass DJ based in Los Angeles. From Rolling Stone Magazine to WWD Mag, Loli is definitely making her way around the public.

Loli is not only one of the top female djs in the world, she is also a performer, singer, producer, and business owner. Watch out Lady Gaga, you might have some competition.

To check out more of DJ Loli visit her myspace and!


Take a look at my exclusive talk with DJ Loli.

LL (FI): Where was the first place you ever did a gig at and how was it?

DJ L: My first gig ever was also the first time I ever DJed. It was at this ghetto, cheesy as hell club called DTM in Oxford. It was a pretty interesting experience. My friend, who was a resident DJ at the time, showed me what buttons to press and said Go.

I remember a few weeks after that I was doing my set there, and at the time I didn’t have a deep knowledge of music or genres, as I was only 16. I bought this techno/Trance record that blue my mind it was called “Can You Dig It”. In the middle of my cheesy top 40s set I put down my head to mix in this record and at the scary part of it where it screams CAN YOU DIGGGG ITTTT I put my head up and it was like a horror film. The previously packed club was absolutely empty. Just the glasses and bottles left on the floor where people where standing. It’s a very funny memory…

LL (FI): On your new mix, what was the funnest track to work on?

DJ L: My Favorite tracks were the Ramstein, Adam Freeland, Trentemoller and Depeche mode…

LL (FI): If you could collaborate a track with any artist who would it be?

DJ L: I would love to colab with Madonna, Ramstein, Prodigy, and Iggy Pop. Also, Freddy mercury. He is my biggest idol.

LL (FI): What is your favorite type of clothing?

DJ L: Well obviously Military caps love leggings, gloves. ALL TYPE OF GLOVES! Right now I’m loving my white “server” gloves and Bunny ears (soon to come to the Loliland apparel store. Handmade)

LL (FI): If you could say three words to best describe your style what would they be?

DJ L: W.T.F.

LL (FI): Is Loli your real name? If not how did you come up with it?

DJ L: Its not my real name even thou I have been using it since I was a spoiled little teenager. I got it from the novel “Lolita” by Vladimir Nabokov. Cut it short to Loli.

LL (FI): Is there a tattoo or piercing you’ve always wanted but never had the guts to get?

DJ L: Well just got my nipple pierced and it hurts pretty bad right now…. I have the guts to get anything. I don’t currently have any tattoos. And I want to get my first one soon. A full back tattoo of this shaded abstract design. Just got to find a good artist. Any takers? INTERVIEW: DJ Loli, From Ukraine To L.A.

LL (FI): What is your all time favorite 90’s TV show?

DJ L: I come from a communist country. We only had Russian TV in my country, plus in the 90s I was a newborn… I wouldn’t know. Lets pretend that south park and Family guy where in the early 90s.. LOVE THEM!

-Lucas Logan

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Story by Lucas Logan, L.A. Correspondent