Interview: Alnea Miskiv of Farahbella

Rick and Alnea Miskiv make up the design team of Farahbella, fashion line based out of Japan. Their simple and forward designs have gotten them glowing reviews and recognition in numerous places around the world. I interviewed Alnea via email to get the dirty on how they got started, and what they’re doing now.

Interview: Alnea Miskiv of Farahbella fashion

1. How did you decide to begin designing?

I’ve always been in love with clothes as long as I can remember. My
first fashion inspiration was my grandmother Lola Eufrocina . She
made her own clothes, and always looked amazing. I admired her
strength and independence. Through her creations, she could express
both her character and beauty. This image has stayed with me
until this day and continues to both motivate and inspire me to design.

2. What’s it like working and designing as partners? Do you ever feel
limited by it?

It’s the best part of being independent designers. To be able to work
together, and have full control of our vision. Rick and I have
different backgrounds and skills that complement each other. I
studied Fashion Design and he has a background in the Visual Arts.
The clothing designs are my creations, and he does the photography,
graphic design and web based work. My designs are often in dialogue
with his painting and installation work. I don’t think its limiting
at all, in fact the two of us have been able to push each other to go
further, and it’s been so much fun working together and collaborating.

3. You say each collection is based around a theme, what was the theme
for your Fall/Winter 2008 collection?

This collection is called Imploding Volumes.The concept of imploding
volumes is a reflection on unforgettable moments, challenges and
profound experiences in life. It is about the force and power that
allow us to continue and overcome our obstacles even when we feel
life is crashing in around us. For me, the Imploding volumes
collection is a presentation of fierceness, dynamism, and refinement.

4. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

In particular, the strong women I have met in my life, my personal
role models. I also often find myself attracted to the stylings of
older women. The ones that remind me of my Lola, the woman who are
sassy and stylish. I will always take notice of these women in the
city streets with a unique look or outfit. They often disregard
trends and combine looks from different eras without fear or any
sense of self-consciousness. I love their confidence to wear whatever
feels right to them.

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5. Do you have a favorite place to work on your designs?

It’s not so much about the place, but more about my frame of mind. I
find every now and then that I’ll have a lucid moment where the ideas
are flowing. Wherever I am at the time, I have to find something to
draw with, and just starting sketching the ideas as they come. A lot
of times it’s a conversation that will spark an idea, but really it’s
very unpredictable.

6. Are you happy with the response you’ve gotten from the press and the

The response has been great. I have to say the single most exciting
moment has been seeing a stranger walking down the street in one of
my designs.

7. Is there anyone (a celebrity for example) you would love to dress?

I’d love to have the chance to dress Vanessa Paradis or Milla Jovovich.

8. What would you like Fashion Indie readers to know about you?

People often ask me about the name “Farahbella” and why are we based
in Japan. The brand name “Farahbella” comes from my middle name. I
was born Maria Alnea Farahbella Surpia. Being in Japan, is of part
our journey and travels, our interest in experiencing other cultures
and arts, it just happened to be where we were when we decided to
start Farahbella We’re looking forward to where this experience will
lead us next.


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