FASHION INDIE PLAYLIST: Interview With Designer Drugs

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Some of our favorite New York DJs, Designer Drugs [Michael Vincent Patrick and Theodore Nelson] chatted it up with Groove Effect to talk their European tour, and everything behind their music:

GROOVE: In a generation with the popularity of electronic music growing what are some artists outside of DJs that have influenced you?

: Well I would think we are influenced by a lot of pop music which is pretty much electronic these days. We have been listening to a lot of non electronic music lately to relax. After working on electronic music in the studio it’s nice to take a break. In my current play list I have been listening to The Horrors, The Germs, Slowdive. Washed out is making some really great music right now too.

G: How/when did you and Theodore come together to form ?

DD: We met during high school and went to neighboring high schools. We were both into raves at the time and met through mutual friends. We both djed and wanted to make music so we started banging out tracks with the bad equipment we had but that was short lived because I was about to go to college in Philadelphia and Theo was going to the military which at the time was the only way for us to get out of the small towns we were from. We continued producing music on and off for the following years.

G: Is there a story behind the name ?

DD: Not much, In middle school I read about it in a drug awareness book and thought it sounded cool and it stuck in my head. We didn’t really think about the name much.

G: You guys have so many epic remixes of some great songs. Which one was your favorite to produce? Favorite one to drop live?

DD: I really like playing the remix we did for Fake Shark Real Zombie. I had fun writing it as well. We had a lot of fun writing the Little Boots remix. Fast songs are great. We stayed up all night and wrote it. When it was done we went out for breakfast. I remember I didn’t have an air conditioner that summer and it was REALLY hot.

G: How do you feel about your upcoming tour?

DD: Stoked, Europe is amazing. I just woke up in Barcelona and am about to go shopping in the gothic neighborhood. It’s very beautiful.

G: Can you tell me a bit about your upcoming release?

DD: Yeah we are releasing our second single on Iheartcomix, Riot and Drop Down. You can actually hear an old version of drop down on a youtube video did from when we were in California this summer for the BFD festival.

G: Just curious, if you had the chance to collaborate with any artists of any genre who would it be?

DD: Keri Hilson and Lady Gaga. They are very hot!

Here’s a video photo/video grapher (another Fashion Indie friend!) shot of all the craziness:

LINK LOVE: Groove Effect

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  • Lorton
    I LOVE them! I've seen them twice. So badass.
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