A friend referred me to David Alexander’s site, and on viewing his collections I fell in love with the fur, leather, mesh, studs, jewels, and all of my favorite things compiled into one fashion show. Once I began to speak with David, I found his quirky, enthusiastic and overly creative personality absolutely thrilling, and had to share it with you.

Here’s a little anecdote that got me hooked on David straight away:

So my friend Susan calls me and says ” your gonna be so mad at me.” and as I put down my Playstation controller and jogged over to my computer I see this email and I’m like…..who is that, and she goes “Well I dunno, but she is prolly never gonna buy another skirt from you or Curve again..” and Im like omg omg did i fudge up and the skirt zipper was broke because I do pride myself on an 100% usa made quality product…”She goes well I saw her in the skirt and I freaked out and ran over and I was lil drunk and I sort of shook her cause I was in the gold one and was like OMG OMG my friend made these arent they great”….So basically if you buy my clothes in NY and a crazy beautiful woman runs over to you its my friend Susan haha I cant be mad she is just all about my designs and gives me so much support.



I was also lucky enough to hear from David on a few questions that I asked:

FASHION INDIE:  How did you get your start in designing?

DAVID ALEXANDER: I started designing at 12 when I started drawing super hero costumes, and worked watched my grandma design wedding dresses for fun, then eventually went to FIDM and Parsons where I got my BA in Fine arts Fashion Design and Fashion Marketing. I have done freelance work for Juicy, DKNY, and Simon G.


FI: Your collection ‘Broken Princess and Her Secret Prince’ features a secret prince named David…any chance it’s named after you?

DA: Yah sort of I design clothing based on stories I come up so with every outfit I took all the women I know and work with and sort of designed around that, the princesses name was Alexis after my little sister.  I guess my ultimate ambitions of having a luxury line, a comic book, and an action cartoon television series haha.

FI: Can you tell us anything about your new line? I hear from a super secret source that it’s called Dahlia Dangeroux

DA: So far yes, it’s designed around inspiration from the Black Dahlia, and my non-fiction short movie ill be working on with an actress friend of mine….Im about 60% it will be called Dahlia Dangeroux or Fleeting Stars…but around the same concept, which is a young hollywood actress is kidnapped by mad man who is kidnaping the creme de la creme of Young Hollywood, and while knocked out in the drunk she dreams of all the movies, red carptes and wonderful things she could do if she survives…..and the unfolding of the story. it was inspried by a spoken word song called victim by the golden palminos. I know weird right? LOL im totally a nerdo


FI: I’ve noticed you shoot a lot with the fabulous Laura La Rue.  Has she, or any other models acted as your muse to your lines?

DA: I use people who i feel are truly beautiful inside and out, that brings out the best in a dress a confident sexy woman..Laura is also a red head like my mom and as an ode to her I always use red heads and brunettes …I also love love love Monica Bellucci she is a muse as well as Michelle Yeoh, Gong Li and my other friend Iwona Lis. one of my new muses is Karen Elson (YSL model) and Chanel Iman.

FI: You make everything from evening gowns to on earth does your brain balance all of that?

DA: I have no clue I think my skull is full of clouds red bull, anime and video games. I always make these collections and when im done im like does is this stuff go together at all and then when people read the story there like ya…and im like…….( O_o…..ok) I guess i just do my own thing and so far its worked…


FI: What’s next? Red carpet looks, diffusion line, world takeover?

DA: (Hehehe :::Twiddling Fingers:::: World Domination All My clothes have secret tracking devices MWAHAHA)……. Um well winter is always BOOM BOOM glamour because it can be heavier but my winter is gonna be very high end couture with a few actual everyday..well what I call everyday dresses if it were up to me everyone would run around in evening gowns and furs trying to one up each other….But I just got signed on by SAGA FUR for the Royal Vision Team so I will be taking a trip in October to see all the techniques and amazing things they can do with it im thinking Chains Metal Spikes and Sable… Im def working on some casual items that are more affordable but they will still retain there runway glamour look and probably only kick the price down a good 40 or 60 bux but hey save where u  can save and where the same dress every day…I wear the same jeans….they just fit so well!

FI: Any advice for hopeful designers?

DA: YOU GOTTA WORK!….Um I dunno…ya know the world of fashion is tough and there are moments you can get very heavy hearted my advice is to if you wanna be a designer get tough skin and a shit load of 5hour energy because when you think you have made it or you have caught up you realize its 2 months from your next show and your scrambling from fabric shop to shop looking for your inspiration …..Haha I guess I have alot of advice to give like dont judge any other designers work unless there an asshole then rip up there dress, but if there cool compliment them because everyone has there own style and when u see someone and out and your like OMG what are they wearing well there wearing someone design which is more then I can say for some other people who spend all day judging…but I wont give up to much info its best to learn as you do the ups and downs create great great collections.


If you aren’t sold on David Alexander yet, see more of his looks on Envy. Check out his site, and shop at the following locations:

Church Boutique-Santa Monica BLVD in West Hollywood
Fred Segal Couture in Santa Monica
New York
Magazine in Chelsea
Curve in Manhattan
Neu Store
One final anecdote to sell you once again. My friend Zak Krevitt at Radiant Jungle shot this new ‘Blonde Killer Dress’ designed by David Alexander:
It’s inspired by this joke:
“how do u kill a blonde u give her spike shoulder pads and ask her a question ( raising shoulders) she answers “I dunno”
Special thanks to David for letting us into his brain for a bit! Oh yeah, and follow him on Twitter!
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