The Inter-Views of Fashion: Gram

The Inter Views of Fashion: Gram fashion

The folks over at We Are The Market had the amazing oppurtunity to sit down with Alexis Holm and Anna Stenvi, the masterminds behind the shoe company . Here’s what the design duo had to say:

Tell us – how did the collection originate?
We blame organic growth for most of it. Started off as a modest 3 style collection in spring 2006 with only denim fabric and then mutated from there. No grand scheme at the helm, just two people doing what they think is good and true. Maybe we’ll bring back the denim when we get nostalgic…

You recently launched a collaboration with ‘Our Legacy’ on a collection of limited edition shoes sold at such retail posts as Blackbird, Beams and Aplace. What can we expect from this collaboration?
Jockum and Cristopher at Our Legacy are nice guys, they wanted a classic plimsoll for their AW08 collection, and we saw the chance to make a luxury edition of an often cheapened type of footwear. The result is great. Classy and relaxed, true calf leather matched with dry waxed cotton from British Millerain. We topped it off with an all white box, individual shoe bags, brush and shoe horn.

GramSE is your premium line of shoes. What design differences do you see between and GramSE?
Well, we of course see more similarities than differences, but when viewed side by side it is obvious that we are dealing with two totally different  types of footwear. GramSE has a lot of basketball sneaker references that totally lacks, such as dampening and cushioned ankle support. In my mind as a designer what I set out to do with the gramSE was to create something that would have no equal, it is not a tired remake of a Dunk, it doesn’t utilize generic outsoles used by a trillion other brands before. This was built from the ground up, to be different, comfortable, indestructible and uncompromising. Kim Jones immediately snatched up a pair and proclaimed them to be his favourite sneaker, which is a good verdict considering his knowledge of shoes. Kanye West also keeps a pair in his closet for special occasions. And the beauty of it all is that when they are gone, they will stay gone, there won’t be any re-runs or comebacks for this shoe, when the last pair leaves our warehouse we will be kissing it goodbye. So get yours before it’s too late. Available internationally via

For the whole interview from head over to We Are The Market! You’ll get a chance to hear about more upcoming collaborations and future plans has in store for their customers!

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