Interviews Of Fashion: Halflife

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Interviews Of Fashion: Halflife

The Fashionisto recently got a chance to sit down with creative director for Halflife, Joey Gray. The interview is one that I think shows a more accurate side of the fashion industry than most. I think the reason I like the interview so much, is because I can feel like I can relate to Mr. Gray. In the interview he talks about Halflife, and how he got his start in the industry.

The Fashionisto: How did your interest in fashion start?

Joey Gray: I’ve always been interested in fashion, though not always from an insider’s perspective, more in the sense of fashion as an art form or an act of expression. The way people dress says so much about who they are, or really who they’re trying to portray themselves as. It wasn’t until about two years ago, when I began Halflife that I ever really became aware of fashion as it relates to culture and how definitive it could truly be to a time or a social movement. That inspires me.

TF: What is your fashion background?

JG: I don’t properly have one! I know that sounds ridiculous, but truthfully the first time I ever actually sat down and sketched and patterned a garment was for the first HL collection. It’s strange now to think that my first experiment with design became a reality and was manufactured and sold. I’ve always been the type of person who feels they can do anything they set out to do. I guess I’m an all or nothing guy. One of my greatest fashion idols is Helmut Lang, not only for the innovation and genius of his designs but because he was autodidactic – I admire him for that.

I strongly recommend reading the whole interview, it is one of my favorites to date. For the whole thing check out The Fashionisto here!

Article by Corey Moran

Want to know what I'm up to? Follow me on Twitter! @coreysays Corey Moran tagged this post with: , , Read 1741 articles by Corey Moran
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  1. come posso riferiscono al signor Gray. In questa intervista parla Halflife, e come ha ottenuto il suo inizio nel settore. Il Fashionisto: Come ha fatto il suo interesse nella moda iniziare? Joey Gray: Ho semper interessate alla moda, thoug Fonte[Technorati] Tag results for fashion

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