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Interviews Of Fashion: Henry Ng

Interviews Of Fashion: Henry Ng photo

Henry Ng, the man behind Orri Henrisson, recently sat down with The Fashionisto to talk about his company, inspiration and future plans int he fashion world. The interview is great, here is a small preview for you fashion die hards. 

How did you get interested in fashion?

I think I have always had a thing for fashion. My mum used to work as a seamstress when I was a kid and although I was never interested in what she did, I was curious.

Growing up, I also had a thing for clothes. I had some pretty awful things which, I definitely would not wear now, but back then, it was a different story.

What is your fashion background?

I am actually from a Multimedia / Graphic Design background and have mostly picked up knowledge along the way since I started the label. A friend of mine does my patterns and she has absolutely played an important part in giving me ideas on fabrications, silhouette, contacts etc.

The interview is really well done, be sure to check out the rest of it here courtesy for The Fashionisto.


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