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Interviews Of Fashion: Subfusco

Interviews Of Fashion: Subfusco photo

Interviews Of Fashion: Subfusco photo

Interviews Of Fashion: Subfusco photo

The Fashionisto recently got a chance to sit down and talk with the designer of Sucfusco, Roberto Scacheri. I love collection and hearing about where it came from makes it that much better.

Who are your fashion role models?

What can I say? So many people to me are role models. I look up to John Galliano and the likes of Vivien Westwood for their flamboyance and avant-garde design lines, but I love the precises cuts and sublime lines of Alessandro D’Aqua and Balenciaga…oh and Marc Jacobs is another.


What inspired you to start your own line?

  • A lack of menswear
  • Didn’t want to do a 9-5 job
  • The excitement of an idea coming from the mind to paper to real life; like a living organism on its journey.  Fashion is like that for me. It’s born and evolves, only to become real once it’s on someone’s body.

How is the fashion scene in Australia?

Australia…we rock! I mean we have so many great designers who have really made it big, like Ksubi, Kirlily Johnston and heaps more, but what lacks in Australia, which makes it hard for emerging designers and new kids on the block is our consumers. I have to admit, the typical Aussie just doesn’t get fashion and being such a small population, its hard to gain exposure or gain a big piece of the market. We are slowly getting there, we just need more great fashion to be pumped out, so people eventually get the idea that it is great to dress up and fine to spend money on clothes.  Fashion is another part of your personality.

Definitely check out The Fashionisto for the rest of the interview.


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