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Intro: FI’s New Beauty Writers


Intro: FIs New Beauty Writers photoIntro: FIs New Beauty Writers photo


Amy and Sam were like two meteors – one from New Jersey and one from The Bronx- crashing into each other in the workplace, which happened to be a heavy metal record label. But it wasn’t a messy crash; it was slicked in lip gloss and smoky eye make up.Realizing their mutual adoration of metal music and gorgeous make up, the two forged a beautiful friendship, offering each other tips, suggestions, support, and often sneaking into the company bathroom to play with that new eye shadow they bought on their lunch break.

Sam has a degree in fashion and is a certified make up artist, actively continuing her education in the make up industry by attending courses, workshops, and enjoying he regular make up gigs such as fashion shows and photo shoots where she is in high demand. Always with her finger on the pulse and with an eye for style and an ability to transform a plain face into a flawless, work of art, Sam knows the ins and outs of make up and loves sharing her knowledge with everyday girls, helping them feel more confident and working with them on an individual basis, teaching them how to apply make up. There’s a lot make up artists in NYC, but there’s only one Sam.

Amy is a veteran rock journalist, spending (or misspending, depending on who you ask) her youth backstage at rock shows and rocking out. She also spends her days as a professional babysitter for rock stars, and loves every minute of it. Along the way, she fell in love with make up and refuses to be seen without eyeliner, mascara (she used to resist using it because of her impossible-to-curl lashes, but after Sam taught her how to apply it correctly, she was hooked), or lip gloss. In between calling radio stations and writing press releases at work, Amy often saunters over to Sam’s desk for her critique of her daily eyeshadow look, which Sam was always waiting for while dealing with $10 million budgets. Amy has been writing about beauty products for 3 years, offering herself as a guinea pig for the hottest new products, willingly. Oftentimes, coworkers at the office asked Amy and Sam for advice, tips. Angela, the make up loving receptionist, never went a day without saying, “Your eye make up looks amazing today.”

Realizing that they were doling out advice and suggestions by the hour, the lightbulb went off and Fashion Indie caught on. It was time to go beyond the office. Hip and fun-loving, girly girls at heart, with a love for super aggressive music, Amy and Sam want to share their knowledge. They’re not snobby, elitist, hipster, too cool for room, nose thumbers or bitches. They love make up. They love fashion. They love talking to other people about what they like. And they want to talk to the readers of Fashion Indie.


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