INTRODUCING: Fashion Indie’s Newest Columnist, Aaron K

Picture 12You may remember us raving about how much we love Aaron K on our ‘Top 25 Under 25 Stylish People To Know’ list, and read how much love he got from everyone in the comments. Well, now we wanted to tell you that Fashion Indie (and all the world) loves Aaron K SO much that we’ve asked him to write his own column!

Aaron promotes parties all over the city, COOL JERK at Sin Sin, The Box, Ruff Club, and Tribeca Grand, and is always dressed to kill.  Corey and I met Aaron through our favorite party spot, Ruff Club at the Annex, and we’ve become good friends.  We knew that Aaron would have the best stories, as he goes to and throws the best parties, so we’re super excited to hear what he’s up to now on Fashion Indie.  Look for Aaron’s column, ‘OUT With Aaron K’, following the life of the most interesting (and fashionable) Club Kid around.

INTRODUCING: Fashion Indies Newest Columnist, Aaron K fashion

INTRODUCING: Fashion Indies Newest Columnist, Aaron K fashion

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  • sara
    looks like he has down syndrome
  • Name
    he does
  • diana summers
    boring ugh
  • CM
    A bit harsh aren't we? Aaron is totally worth knowing, and he has one of the sickest styles ever. I dig it, can't wait to see what he has to say!
  • name
    why'd he shave his eyebrows? does he think he's a 1920's movie star...
  • CM
    no he thinks/knows he's a trendsetter! Fashion grows and evolves because of radical thinkers like Aaron...the industry needs people like him
  • I'd have to agree with Corey. Aaron not only has one of the sickest, but also one of the most original styles I've ever seen (and I spend most of my time scouring the internet for people with even semi-decent style to feature on the site). If you don't believe us, check out the comments on the '25 under 25' post, because other than about 1 or 2, every comment was praising him and his style. You guys are always complaining that 'we don't know what we're talking about and have no style and are fat' and blah blah we found someone that not only "has style," but is fully aware to the goingons of New York City nightlife. Stop being so harsh. (please)
  • anonymousblah
    hes fucking heinous he wears the something all the time. you guys know nothing about style hes merely an ugly loser who tries to hard
  • CM
    Jeez someone sounds a bit jealous, possibly bitter? Just because he rejects you from his VIP lists at all his parties, and he has actually made a name for himself in this city doesn't mean you have to act like a jackass. It's easy to hate the successful huh?!
  • fashionindie
    never met you aaron k, but for someone who has yet to write much on fashion indie you're already generating a steady stream of hate mail which means you must be doing something right. welcome to the family.
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