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Edited by on October 26 2012 at 10:30 AM

With Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in full Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 promotional mode, we can’t help but notice their grunge-filled looks when globe trotting. From sweat stained baseball caps to unzipped pants, we’ve taken the time to break down their already broken down looks (and see if they actually look stylish).

Is Grunge Really in? We Have the Dirt on This Dirty Look

While it’s no secret that KStew and RPatz are fans of the absolutely no effort look, we still think they take the time to carefully choose what they put on before stepping outside. Since photographers constantly snap their every move, they have to feel a little pressure to look at least somewhat stylish, right?

First, let’s take a look at Kristen. Even though she’s still in our bad books from cheating on her loyal boyfriend, we’re putting it aside for right now to focus on her wardrobe. She is a fan of recycling clothing and stealing accessories from her man, aka his sweat stained Baltimore Orioles baseball cap, and doesn’t seem to fret about making worst-dressed lists. But does she have the secret we’re all missing? We’re leaning towards not.

Although Kristen can look good when walking through an airport in jeans and a sweatshirt, we still think she can up her game just a little bit more. Our advice would be to ditch the baseball cap and sunglasses indoors and opt for wavy and clean (please KStew) hair with small accessories.

Is Grunge Really in? We Have the Dirt on This Dirty Look

We’ll admit we love the t-shirt and jeans look if it’s done right. Vintage, graphic prints and text tees can all be a style staple if paired with things like jeans and heels or a killer blazer. What we can’t get on board with is the dirty white t-shirts and unzipped pants that KStew constantly sports. We’ll let her keep the jeans and t-shirts because grunge is in right now to a certain extent, but please, throw away that hat and zip up your fly.

Is Grunge Really in? We Have the Dirt on This Dirty Look

Rob, however, is a different story entirely. While he too looks like he puts minimal effort in to his wardrobe choices, we can’t help but think he looks chic and stylish each time we see him. His favorites include beanie caps, layers upon layers of sweats and a nice pair of jeans. And while we would love to see his gorgeous locks on display more when he’s in casual mode, his outfits are still somewhat desired.


The difference between Rob’s grunge look and Kristen’s is that while Rob looks clean and put together, Kristen can sometimes come off as a hot mess. So, Rob, we give you our approval. And Kirsten, you know what it’s like to have a wandering eye so please forgive us while ours wander away from your style.

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Story by Caitlin Hacker

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