Is Yes Man The Hipster Version of a Jim Carrey Flick?

Is Yes Man The Hipster Version of a Jim Carrey Flick? fashion

So this weekend the wifey and I decided to hit up the local cinema to catch Jim Carrey’s latest attempt at relevance, Yes Man.

The movie played along with its normal plot points; loser dude, says no to everything, holy shit is that DJ Momjeans?!?

Yeah, that 70’s dude who wasn’t Ashton is in the new movie. He plays Jim Carrey’s friend or something, which doesn’t really add up cause Jimbo could be his daddy. Anyways, the Dim Mak DJ was in the movie, which was hipstery, but definitely not enough to call it a hipster movie. Of course, that was until Zooey Deschanel showed up in the movie. She plays Jim Carrey’s love interest and boy is she the epitome of le hipster. She drives a vespa, is in some weird chick band, and spends her weekends jogging while snapping photos of people in the park. Yeah, can someone say Nylon It Girl. 

So why the sudden influx of hipsterdom in the cinema?  Has Hollywood finally gotten wise to what the young’uns want?  Or is this just some random alignment of the hipster stars to produce the first comedy for the Williamsburg set?  Weigh in indies. I’d like to know your thoughts.

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